Dog Fly Collars

Works for protecting ears from fly bites!!  I wish I would have found this before one of my dogs developed severe fly bites on his ears.  kept treating with sprays and ointments but my other dogs would lick them off.  With this collar, the flies stay away from their ears. I do see flies occasionally stopping on their bums and back legs, but my purpose for these collars was to protect the ears and they work great.  The collar looks decent, and snaps on.  It’s important to measure properly so you get the right size.  I bought 2 mediums and 1 large.  Will definitely be purchasing for next year’s fly season.
Chudness – 08/2018


Works great!! Miracle for our dog!  Flies were ATTACKING my dogs ears to the point of making them bleed.  Since wearing this collar, we have not seen ANY flies around him.  It has been a life saver for our dog and he’s much more comfortable.  The smell is a little strong but not overbearing.  Our dog doesn’t seem to mind it and it’s worth it.
Jth5s – 06/2018


It worked great for my dogs – This really works well. Scent is strong the first day but dissipates after a couple days.  I’ve tried sprays and ointments but this is the only product that has worked to keep flies away.  My dogs ears are healed and flies have stayed away.
Jason – 06/2018


Great for LGD – I have been trying to find a solution to fly strike on my livestock guardian dogs ears all summer and nothing seemed to work.  I FINALLY found it!  This collar has been on my dog for 2 weeks now, has been through thundershowers nearly every day (he is solely in the pasture with my animals), and his ears are finally getting better.  It still smells strongly of citronella two weeks later, but does not seem to bother him one bit.  Will definitely be buying it again.
Casey E – 08/2017


Great for mosquito and fly repelling – I turned a horse field into a dog park.  The flies didn’t get the message that the horse poop has moved.  These collars have removed the fly annoyance!!  All my dogs just love them.  They have other flea and tick prevention – I only use thee for flies and mosquitoes.  I put each collar together into a zip bag for the next outing – preserving the lovely citronella smell.
DH from Branchvlle – 06/2017


Great product we live next to horses that attract lots of flies because they don’t clean the manure and my dogs ears would get tore up by the flies every summer and now doing great I have stocked up and they are very happy.
Rudy A – 06/2017

Horse Fly Collars and Fly Legbands

Leg Bands – The horse flies are horrible in Texas this year so I am doing all I can to give them relief.  These bands certainly helped, thank you for this product.  The aroma stays on them longer than spraying them.
Beryl J – 12/2018


Horse Fly Collars – This silly thing works really great!!  I ran into and old cowboy, at a gas station, while hauling my mare to a trail class.  He wanted to know if that thing around her neck was the newest thing that “you Gals have come up with to be able to tell your horses apart?  After I explained to him that it keeps the gnats out of her ears, he was impressed.  Defy the Fly needs to come up with bumper stickers, so people know to get them from …
Mary J – 10/2018


These work for my horse – I have used these leg bands on my mare for the past 3 years.  The flies were really eating at her front legs and when I put the bands on she seems much more comfortable during the summer months.  Me and my horse are happy with this product.
Cynthia K – 08/2018


Great product – Got these for the donkey flies we’re eating him up but now he’s healed these leg bands work great.
Pamela D – 07/2018


Happy – My mare has a horrible allergic reaction to insect bites.  I need to keep her protected as much as possible with fly sheet, etc.  However legs and belly would still get attacked.  Tried “defy the fly” this year and so far working great.  Legs look good and No bites/sores on her belly.  Seems to be helping!
Debbie B – 06/2018


Horse Fly Collars – Really helps with flys and eyes and ears.
Lynn J – 06/2018


Excellent – I have for horses and all are benefitting from the fly leg bands.
Julie H – 06/2018


Hey these work!  My horse is white and fly trails show up all of the time this summer.  He hates them (who doesn’t except for frogs) I was using Bannix also to clear any fungus – was hard to tell where the flies left off sometimes.  I put one on his leg and no flies up front!!
Sarah P – 08/2016


Horse Fly Collars Every summer I look for a good product to use to keep the flies at bay from my horses and it looks like I found a great one!  This collar snaps easily around your horse’s neck and keeps the flies away!  Like any other fly product, you will still see a couple flies who don’t seem effected, but the vast majority stay away. I love this collar, especially for the summer months when I go to ride/show my horses at any time of the day and don’t have to worry about flies!  Highly recommended!  Well worth the money.
Sarah T – 05/2016

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