How do repellents work?

Repellents work by evaporation creating a shield 12” to 18” above the area of application.  The presence of the repellent vapor confuses insects so they can’t locate a target host?

What is the coverage area?

The products were designed for local coverage covering the most bothered areas — head, neck, and legs.  The natural repellent properties of the ingredients will radiate several inches out off any direction of the collar or leg bands.

Is the product safe?  For my dog or mare or foal or mare in foal, etc.?

Defy the Fly® products contain all-natural non-toxic plant-based oils that have the natural ability to repel (Geraniol, Cedar Oil, and Citronella).  Defy the Fly® repellent products are one of the most effective and safest on the market today. Defy the Fly® ingredients are EPA exempted posing no harm to people, animals or the environment.

Are the products hypoallergenic?

As a disclaimer, it must be noted that just like some humans being more sensitive to the gentlest of products than others, so it is with horses, dogs and other animals.  The materials (vinyl, cork, snaps) are not certified to be hypoallergenic and may cause allergic reactions in some animals.  The “active” or “inert” ingredients are not touching the skin of the animal.

Where do the Fly Collars and Fly Leg Bands fit?

The fly collar was designed to fit at the narrowest part of the animal’s neck to be as close behind the ears as possible to allow for repellent coverage around the eyes, ears, and face, and down the neck.  The Fly Leg Bands fit at the horse’s fetlock on the canon bone.

Does the horse need to wear all the Fly leg bands at the same time?

This is at the consumers’ common sense observation and discretion.  Of course for more enhanced protection, it is recommended to use all the Fly leg bands from the unit packaging (set of 4).  However, two leg bands can be worn by placing one on the front leg and one on the opposite back leg.  The ingredients from the leg bands will radiate to the other leg.  If only two leg bands are used, place the other two in the resealable packaging.

What are the Fly Collars and Fly Leg Bands made of?

All products are constructed with the same materials (vinyl, cork insert, and snaps), same concept, design and ingredients, and scaled by size and width according to the animal.  The vinyl and snaps were materials of choice to address easy release to avoid injuries in the case of hang-ups.

The Fly Collars and Fly Leg Bands Use?

The horse products are suitable while riding and for horses turned out, in the stall, or corral and can be used with regular halter or bridle.  The Dog Fly Collars are designed for outdoor, working or kennel dogs, miniature horses, goats, and sheep, etc.

Can the products be worn intermittently?

Yes.  When not in use, place the collar or leg bands in the resealable packaging and in a cool, dry place to maintain the ultimate potential of effectiveness and longevity.

If the animal is hung up so as not to cause injuries, does the product easily release?

Generally to address product liability insurance claims, the collar and leg bands will either come unsnapped or the vinyl will tear even though the product is constructed with a heavily constructed grade of vinyl with heavy duty snaps.  (The consumer wants the product to stay on when they want it to stay on and come off when they want it to come off – a “catch 22″ issue.)

What happens if the product gets wet or is worn in the rain?

Like other fly control products, it will diminish the effectiveness of the product.  On the packaging, it notes to remove the collar or leg bands when washing the animal.

What about yellow, horse, and deer flies?

Refer to the article by the University of Florida Department of Entomology and Nematology and the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.  (Refer to the “About Us” section of this website.)

What about West Nile Virus?

Refer to the article by the Colorado State University Cooperative extension.  (Refer to the “About Us” section of this website.)

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