Superior Innovative Concept and Formula as an Insecticide Generator

To generate a protective shield radiating several inches out and to provide relief up to 8 weeks, we have created unique management methods of pesky and disease-transmitting insects with our Defy the Fly® collars and leg bands; as well as our superior formula of concentrated phytochemicals – Geraniol (nature’s safe and effective alternative to DEET), Cedar Oil, and Citronella, which make all sprays and wipes obsolete.

Best Non-Attractant Color

Defy the Fly® products are featured in a tan color.  The very color one wears or uses in products can make a difference in whether it is an attractant or non-attractant.   Studies have proven that one of the best non-attractant colors is khaki (tan).

Few Examples of How Colors Make a Difference

The military issues camouflage-colored (khaki tan and olive green) uniforms, because these colors blend into the surroundings and act as non-attractant colors to the enemy and pesky insects.  In the Shell’s fly pest strip, the color yellow-orange, acts as an attractant drawing flies to the strip then traps them on the sticky substance used.  And, did you know that the color blue is what not to wear, because it attracts mosquitoes!  Insects are attracted to bright, shiny, and dark colors.

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